Password Management on both CareGiverInfo and OurMedDB

1. The initial password for CareGiverInfo is "passwordnotused" while for OurMedDB it is “change me”.

2. When personal information is added to the system then a new password should be assigned.

3. Passwords must be at least 8 characters long and are case sensitive.

4. When the first password is assigned a security question and answer has to be entered which is used if the 

    password is forgotten.

5. Passwords can be changed any time provided the proper password is first entered.

6. If 5 consecutive incorrect passwords are entered then the system is locked and the Forgot PSWD control must be 

    used. If the proper security answer is entered then a new password can be assigned. If 5 consecutive incorrect 

    answers are entered then the social security number, date of birth, medical conditions and medications of each 

    person are deleted and then a new security Q & A and password can be assigned.

7. The system stores the last 10 passwords used and does not allow their reuse.

Lock Screen Wallpaper for OurMedEMS and OurMedDB

In the event that you are unable to operate your device then EMS personnel can see your emergency contacts in 

priority order without unlocking your device. To create and display the wallpaper follow this procedure.

  1. After having entered your emergency contacts with priority order please go to the Lock Screen form of this 


  2. To create the lock screen wallpaper please simultaneously activate the Home control on the bottom of your 

       iPhone and the control at the right top of the phone. This action will take a picture of this screen.

  3. Please go to your Settings then select Wallpaper or "Wallpapers & Brightness" and then select 

      “Choose Wallpaper”. 

  4. Select “My Photo Stream” and the new photo you took and activate the Set control. 

  5. On the next screen choose the "Set" Lock Screen. Lock the device and then restart it and note the screen being 

      displayed before unlocking.